Gumi race to go ahead after safety concerns addressed

22 JANUARY 2016

The annual Gumi Race event on the Murrumbidgee River will proceed as planned on February 14 with some minor changes.

Roads and Maritime Services met with race organisers today and safety concerns were resolved, a Roads and Maritime spokesperson said.

“The intent was never to cancel the event, but to work with organisers to ensure the event could be enjoyed as safely as possible,” the spokesperson said.

“All competitors will now be required to wear a lifejacket suitable for the river environment which is in high visibility colour and allows for swimming with the jacket on.

“Rafts will also require means of steering, which includes paddles, to avoid snags and hazards.

“A minimum age will be required for participants, with two adults required on rafts with children under a certain age to be determined.”

Event organisers will also need to assess river conditions before the race.

“Roads and Maritime, organisers and the local SES resolved the event will not go ahead if the river height is deemed dangerous,” the spokesperson said.

Organisers have also been asked to provide the number and location of safety vessels, information on emergency response arrangements and how they plan to identify and track competitors during the race.

“Volunteers from the SES will also assist race organisers in identifying hazardous areas along the river course and with the preferred location and number of safety boats,” the spokesperson said

“Roads and Maritime will also provide two Boating Safety Officers and at least two vessels to ensure the safe running of the event.”

Once organisers update their application, an aquatic event licence is expected to be issued for the event by the end of next week.


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