Gee Gee Bridge history lives on in heritage village

28 May 2021

Salvaged parts of the historic Gee Gee Bridge are being repurposed for a tourist attraction that showcases the history of the Wakool and Murray regions.

Minister for Regional Transport and Roads Paul Toole said the heritage-listed timber truss bridge, built in 1929, had served its community for almost 100 years before a wider, safer bridge replaced it last year.

“The NSW Government invested in $23 million in the new bridge which has been a huge winner for locals, opening up access to Higher Mass Limit vehicles and oversized agricultural machines but we know many people had a soft spot for the old bridge which is why we’ve worked hard to retain elements of it,” Mr Toole said.

“The old bridge truss was removed in February in a finely orchestrated lift and has now been disassembled with parts of it being donated to the Moulamein Community Development to help build its Moulamein Heritage Village project.

“Historic bridges like these have played a significant role in the expansion and improvement of the road network in regional NSW and it’s only fitting we find ways to remember them.”

Moulamein Community Development Committee President Drew Harris said the group has received two metal truss anchor blocks and four diagonal timber struts, which will be used to build part of the village’s entrance and exit.

“We are very aware of the historic value of the bridge and we felt it was only fitting to use some of the beams in our new tourist attraction, which will conserve and showcase objects and buildings that have historical significance in the local area,” Mr Harris said.

“We are the oldest town in the Riverina and we really should be trying to preserve pieces of our history for future generations – so to be able to use part of the old bridge as a functioning part of our Heritage Village is really special.”

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