Don't let your pink slip give you black eye with the law

26 July 2020

The NSW Government is cracking down on dodgy pink slip providers and reminding motorists to have their vehicle examined at an authorised inspection station (AIS) or by a mobile pink slip provider.
Minister for Roads Andrew Constance said the number of people advertising “no see” pink slips on social media platforms such as Facebook is very concerning.
“A pink slip inspection is vital to ensuring your vehicle is safe to be on the road as it checks life saving features such as tyres, brakes and steering are working properly,” Mr Constance said.
“In some cases, vehicles which have significant defects are being passed as roadworthy by these operators without the defects being fixed - causing a significant safety risk to the vehicle owner and other road users.

“Vehicles issued with a fraudulent safety inspection report are not eligible for registration and may therefore not be covered by insurance, which could be very costly if the vehicle is involved in a crash.”

Minister for Regional Roads Paul Toole said an owner could also be charged and fined with driving an unregistered, uninsured and defective vehicle.

“People need to know they could also be committing a criminal offence, in trying to register the vehicle with false documents. It’s not only dangerous it could land you in serious trouble,” Mr Toole said.

“A genuine pink slip for a car has a set fee of $42.  People offering dodgy pink slips will often advertise much higher prices, for effectively no service.

“Businesses offering to provide a pink slip without inspection are committing a serious criminal offence which could lead to significant fines and jail time. In the past 12 months, nine authorised examiners have had their inspection authority cancelled and five were suspended for between three and 12 months

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