$70 million back in the wallets of NSW drivers

10 February 2015

Minister for Roads and Freight Duncan Gay today announced more than 850,000 safe drivers in NSW were enjoying a 50 per cent discount on their licence, putting about $70 million back into their wallets.

The ‘Fair Go for Safe Drivers’ initiative provides half price licences to motorists with a five year good driving record and is the delivery of a key election commitment by the NSW Liberals and Nationals to acknowledge and reward safe driving.

“The NSW Government is leading the country in rewarding good drivers - NSW is the only state that offers a 50 per cent reduction in licence fees,” Mr Gay said.

“In two and half years, more than 850,000 NSW drivers have walked into a registry and been given an on the spot discount, allowing them to put up to $85 directly back in their wallet.

“I am all about rewarding the good guys and helping bring down the costs of living, I’d much prefer to hand out positive rewards than penalties and I bet the community feels the same.

“This incentive provides a dual benefit – on top of rewarding good drivers and encouraging safer driving behaviour, it also cuts the costs of living for families right across the state.

“Every dollar counts and the more money families can hold on to, the happier I am.

“If you want to get half price off your driver’s licence, simply stick to the speed limit and don’t put the lives of others at risk through thoughtless and dangerous behaviour.

“We know out of the drivers who have received the discount, close to 500,000 have been women. This shows there is still a trend in women demonstrating safer driving behaviour and it’s a challenge to our male drivers to step up to the mark.

“We’re expecting around 2.1 million NSW motorists will receive the discount and it’s great to see we’re nearly halfway there.”

The scheme allows all motorists with an unrestricted licence (one, three and five year) and no relevant offences for five years to get the discount.

Relevant offences include any breach that attracts demerit points, a conviction for a major offence such as drink or drug driving or any unlicensed driving offences.

Current unrestricted driver licence renewal fees are $54 for one year, $128 for three years and $170 for five years.

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