Nowra Project helping to bridge the jobs gap

4 November 2020

Member for Kiama Gareth Ward MP and Member for South Coast Shelley Hancock MP have today announced that employment rates for Aboriginal and female workers on the Nowra Bridge project are exceeding State-wide targets.

Mr Ward said that the encouraging jobs picture is contained in the latest project update, for the $342 million Australian and NSW Government jointly funded project.

"As we move into the phase of construction and road works, the Nowra Bridge project has already achieved NSW Government and Transport NSW targets for employment through the Infrastructure Skills Legacy Program (ISLP)," he said.

"Currently, the Aboriginal participation rate is 13 per cent female participation in non-traditional roles is at 4.5 per cent - both of which exceed project and State targets.

"Overall, the project workforce is made up 68 per cent of people who live in the local area, and 8.4 per cent are people under 25," Mr Ward said.

Mrs Hancock said that the ISLP initiative aimed to provide training and employment within the construction industry, including pathways and job readiness for new entrants.

"The project is expected to create around 200 jobs which is a big economic boost to a community recovering from bushfires and dealing with COVID-19," she said.

"Feedback on the detailed design of the Nowra Bridge has also been finalised following community consultation in July and August.

"There were 59 responses received and a summary of feedback has been included in the project update.

"Last month, construction on the temporary rock platform in the Shoalhaven River was completed. The 130 metre platform will provide safe access for machines and an area for piling and foundation work on the shallow side of the river.

"The temporary platform will be removed when the bridge is complete and some of the material will be reused elsewhere on the project. Now the platform is complete, the community will start to see equipment move in to allow piling to begin and work to start on the bridge," Mrs Hancock said.

For more information on the Nowra Bridge project and to view the latest project update, please visit the Nowra Bridge project - Princes Highway upgrade project page.

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