Look out, kids about! New school zones for new school in Hills District

10 January 2019

Students starting the school year at Kellyville’s new Bella Vista Public School and North Kellyville Public School will enjoy a safer walk, with new school zones being installed.

Baulkham Hills State Liberal MP, David Elliott said a new 40 km/h school zone will be installed outside Bella Vista Public School for around 230 metres along Fairway Drive between Free Settlers Drive and Ernesta Place as well as for around 200 metres along Ernesta Place.

A new 40 km/h school zone will also be installed outside North Kellyville Public School for around 290 metres along Hezlett Road and 85 metres along Mossop Way.

“Roads and Maritime Services recently carried out a review of the roads ahead of the new schools opening at the end of January,” Mr Elliott said.

“After the review was completed, it was determined school zones needed to be provided as these roads provide direct access points to the schools.

“In general 40 km/h school zones are provided on roads with an active direct access point from the school.

“School zones help raise awareness to motorists of active direct access points from the school where children are often present in high numbers along roads.

“This lower speed limit will reduce the risk and potential severity of a crash.

Once installed, the new 40 km/h school zones will operate from 8am to 9.30am and 2.30pm to 4pm on gazetted school days.

Mr Elliott said motorists are reminded to drive to the speed limits at all times for the safety of all road users.

“Crews will be onsite to install the new school zone signs and road marking until the end of January, weather permitting,” Mr Elliott said.

“Once the signs and road markings are installed, the new school zones will come in to effect at start of the school term.

“Motorists and the community are thanked for their patience while work is carried out.”

Members of the community can sign up at the Safer Roads NSW website www.saferroadsnsw.com.au to receive updates about changes to permanent speed limits in their area.

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