New $2.45M dredging plan for Ettalong channel

Friday, 14 September 2018

Up to $2.45 million will go towards an expanded dredging program in the entrance channel to Brisbane Water.

This is in addition to a $660,000 State-funded dredging contract that is currently underway to see ferries and recreational vessels return to the Ettalong Channel.

The NSW Government is contributing $1.225 million, through the Rescuing Our Waterways program, towards a new long-term solution for Ettalong Channel, which will be overseen by Central Coast Council.

Under the Rescuing Our Waterways program, councils apply for funding to assist with dredging projects on a matching dollar-for-dollar basis with the NSW Government.

This new phase of dredging will see 80,000 cubic metres of sand from the navigation channel removed, with the intention to relocate it to the nearshore areas of Ettalong, Ocean and Umina Beaches.

The project will focus on keeping Ettalong and Box Head Channels open and navigable, and reducing sand from re-entering the waterways.

The current emergency dredging program involves removal of about 10,000 cubic metres of sand to provide a channel of 30 metres width and 2.5 metres depth. A further 10,000 cubic metres will be removed to widen the entrance opening in an effort to slow the movement of sand back into the navigational channel.

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Quote attributable to Member for Terrigal Adam Crouch:

“This funding commitment provides certainty to our community that the Liberals & Nationals Government, in partnership with Council, will keep local waterways safe and navigable.”

"This will provide access for recreational and commercial vessels, which is particularly important for locals in Wagstaffe, Killcare and surrounding suburbs."

"It is also essential that Council continue working to establish a long-term maintenance strategy so that we never see a repeat of the past twelve months."

"The Liberals & Nationals Government will continue to provide Rescuing Our Waterways funding to assist Council with this local waterway, which is their responsibility."

Quote attributable to Member of the Legislative Council Taylor Martin:

“This work is much needed and it’s great to see Council apply for the funding on offer from the NSW Government."

"This is the best plan for the channel, which is urgently needed for residents, commuters and tourists.”

Quote attributable to Parliamentary Secretary for Central Coast Scot MacDonald:

“The NSW Liberals & Nationals Government is committed to working with Central Coast Council and the community to ensure Ettalong Channel is safe and serviceable as they travel to work and school every day on the local ferries.”

Quote attributable to the Minister for Lands and Forestry Paul Toole:

“This overall spend of $3.2 million is a significant investment into this community.”

“The NSW Government will continue to work with the Central Coast Council to ensure plans are in place to keep the Brisbane Water entrance open so boat owners can continue to enjoy the beautiful waterway.”

Quote attributable to Minister for Roads, Maritime and Freight Melinda Pavey:

“These grants help with the delivery and better coordination of important projects which help to ensure our waterways can continue to be used by water users across the state.”

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