Coronavirus vodcast

Coronavirus vodcast, episode 4, 23 April 2020

In this extraordinary time of the Coronavirus outbreak, Government has never worked more closely to keep people across NSW safe. from the spread of Coronavirus.

Hear an exclusive conversation between NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller, Secretary of NSW Health Elizabeth Koff, Secretary of NSW Customer Service Emma Hogan and Secretary of Transport Rodd Staples about their biggest challenges in the last few months, and the long road ahead.


Coronavirus vodcast, episode 2, 27 March 2020

In this week's vodcast, we talk to frontline workers from NSW Trainlink and STA, and Chief People officer Kirsten Watson about the issues facing our Transport for NSW team on all fronts, during this extraordinary time.


Coronavirus vodcast, episode 1, 20 March 2020

To provide an overview of this evolving situation, and our response, here’s a panel discussion our leaders took part in yesterday – Secretary of TfNSW, Rodd Staples, Chief Medical Officer, Dr Armand Casolin, and the Executive Director of our COVID-19 Taskforce, Mark Hutchings.

The situation is dynamic and our response will continue to evolve.

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