Traffic Management Initiatives

This major oral history project examined the many innovative ideas and new technologies which have been utilised over the years to manage traffic on the road network, and the various methods and techniques employed to improve the safety and efficiency of the transport system, such as vehicle detection, traffic signals & co-ordination, centralised traffic control complexes, traffic control cameras, improved signposting, line marking, clearways, roundabouts, moveable medians and toll barriers, bus priority, driver aid systems, microsimulation models and electronic tolling.

The project was based on 47 hours of digitally recorded interviews with 37 participants - current and former staff of Roads and Maritime Services, the Roads and Traffic Authority and its predecessor organisations the Department of Motor Transport, Traffic Authority and Department of Main Roads.

The sound files feature some of the key themes uncovered during the course of the project.

The opinions expressed in the oral history interview tapes are those of the individuals concerned and do not necessarily represent in whole or in part the position of Roads and Maritime Services.


 Traffic Management Initiatives (CD 1) Sound Files

Traffic Initiatives (CD 2) Sound Files

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