Sydney Harbour Bridge - Celebrating 75 Years

This oral history tells the story of the organisation of the Sydney Harbour Bridge 75th anniversary community event on Sunday 18th March 2007, and the reaction of the community on that day.  It is based on original interviews with nine people closely involved in the planning of the event, and over 150 members of the public who walked across the bridge.

It contains comments on the organisational challenges (public transport arrangements; traffic management; closure of the bridge; queue management, etc) and the development of the creative elements (eg the caps; smoking ceremony; lighting; soundscape, etc).  It also features excerpts from the official speeches and the original music written for the event, plus numerous comments from the community expressing their feelings about the event and admiration for
‘their bridge’.

The opinions expressed in the oral history interviews are those of the individuals concerned and do not necessarily represent in whole or in part the position of the State Government and its agencies.

The MP3 sound files contain excerpts from the original interviews and summarise the key themes of the oral history.

Sydney Harbour Bridge - Celebrating 75 Years

Sydney Harbour Bridge 75 Years - Sound Files

Sydney Harbour Bridge - Celebrating 75 Years Oral History Complete

Individual Tracks

2. Concept of the 'Bridging Sydney' Exhibition / John Bradfield

4. Constructing the Bridge / Premier's department

5. Transport and Traffic Management for the Event

6. Lessons Learnt from 60th Anniversary / Creative Ideas

7. Soundscapes / Creative and Design Staff / Volunteers

9. Welcome to Country / Official Speeches - Premier and Governer

10. 'Our Bridge' Overture / Comments by Bridgewalkers

15. Plaque to Deceased Workers / National Heritage Listing / Other Viewpoints

16. Risk Management Scenarios / Incident at North Sydney Station

17. Lighting the Bridge / Aboriginal Smoking Ceremony

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