Pavement recycling and stabilisation

This oral history project examined themes such as the evolution of pavement design and construction practice, the various methods of pavement stabilisation, the significant role played by Local Government, the ongoing development of specialised equipment, the use of additives and recycled materials such as fly ash and blast furnace slag, and the efficiency gains which flowed from targeted research and effective cooperation with industry.

The project was based on 28 hours of digitally recorded interviews with 23 participants - former DMR staff, former and current Roads and Maritime Services and Roads and Traffic Authority staff, a NZ transport authority executive, a Local Government engineer, operators and managers in the pavement stabilisation industry and an academic.

The sound files in the table below feature some of the key themes uncovered during the course of the project.

The opinions expressed in the oral history interviews are those of the individuals concerned and do not necessarily represent in whole or in part the position of Roads and Maritime.

Pavement recycling and stabilisation - Sound files

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