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This oral history tells the story of how three towns - Goulburn, Armidale and Karuah - have changed since being bypassed. It is based on original interviews with members of the local communities, and Roads and Maritime Services staff who were closely involved in the planning and construction of the three bypasses.

It describes the traffic conditions in the towns prior to their being bypassed and the way the bypass projects were planned and designed in consultation with the local communities. It highlights the ways in which the communities were kept informed and involved in the process, and how the towns have changed since being bypassed.

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The opinions expressed in the oral history interviews are those of the individuals concerned and do not necessarily represent in whole or in part the position of the NSW Roads and Maritime Services. The MP3 sound files in the table below contain excerpts from the original interviews and summarise the key themes of the oral history.

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Whole CD (as one file - MP3)

1 Introduction / Goulburn Bypass 10th anniversary / conditions before the bypasses

2 Preliminary planning / community concerns about likely impacts

3 Development of route options / predicted impacts

4 Community consultation & involvement in project planning / the EIS process

6 Liaison with communities during construction phase

7 Economic and employment effects / indigenous issues

8 Community participation in Armidale Bypass tree planting

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