Biodiversity offsets - South West

Roads and Maritime has provided biodiversity offsets in the South West region in the general locations shown on the map below.

Map of the South West region offsets, near Albury. Detailed information is provided in the tables on this page.


Project Description Area of Offset (hectares) Type of Agreement Land owner
Hume Highway DuplicationCovenants were placed on 12 land titles near the Hume Highway Duplication and are now conservation areas managed and rehabilitated by the Nature Conservation Trust through a combination of strategic grazing and revegetation. The protected properties include White Box-Yellow Box-Blakely's Red Gum Grassy Woodland (listed as a critically endangered ecological community under the EPBC Act and as an EEC under the TSC Act) and habitat for 22 threatened species including the Pink Tailed Worm Lizard (Aprasia parapulchella, listed as vulnerable under the TSC Act and the EPBC Act), the Striped Legless Lizard (Delma impar, listed as vulnerable under both the TSC Act and the EPBC Act) and the Squirrel Glider (Petaurus norfolcensis, listed as vulnerable under the TSC Act).1800Conservation covenantPrivate landholders under Nature Conservation Trust Management
Location of the biodiversity offsets near Holbrook for the Hume Highway Duplication.

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