Environment and heritage

Roads and Maritime Services is committed to undertaking its activities in an environmentally responsible manner and effectively managing any risks that may lead to an impact on the environment.

Roads and Maritime will do all that is reasonably practical to ensure that there is continuous improvement in environmental performance, including ongoing communication and awareness raising, active reporting of environmental incidents and continuous learning from experience.

Our environment policy

The Transport Environment and Sustainability Policy sets out our commitment as a major development agency to the environment. All Roads and Maritime staff have a responsibility to actively contribute towards avoiding or minimising environmental impacts in their day to day work.

All Roads and Maritime projects have an environmental component, sometimes as significant and complex as the construction task itself. Development approvals are issued only when a project has been approved under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979. This means that Roads and Maritime has examined all of the potential environmental impacts and identified how these can be avoided, minimised or offset against other benefits.

Roads and Maritime environment staff work across a range of disciplines and technical areas to minimise environmental impacts. Find out more below.

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Natural disasters and emergencies

Reducing noise

Soil and water quality




Planning and assessment

Environmental compliance

Air quality

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