Environmental compliance

Transport for NSW supports the planning, construction and maintenance of the state road network and relevant maritime activities. In doing this, a diverse range of environmental risks need to be recognised and managed to minimise our impact on the environment.

Environment Operations staff optimise Transport for NSW's environmental performance across construction and maintenance activities by:

  • Managing risks associated with construction and maintenance activities
  • Making environmental responsibility everyone’s responsibility
  • Influencing best practice behaviours in environmental risk minimisation
  • Building and maintaining relationships with:
    • environmental stakeholders
    • contractor partners
  • Building the environmental management and technical capability of our staff and contractors by identifying training and development needs
  • Providing key advice during the environmental planning and assessment phase of construction and maintenance activities
  • Undertaking routine environmental inspections of construction and maintenance activities to ensure they comply with contractual and legislative requirementS
  • Co-ordinating responses to environmental incidents as a result of construction and maintenance activities.

Our environmental stakeholders include the Environment Protection Authority, Department of Planning and Environment, Department of Primary Industries, the Office of Environment and Heritage and Local Government regarding licensing and compliance issues.

Environmental inspections

Environmental inspections, and the resulting Environmental Inspection Reports, are an important proactive tool for ensuring that Transport for NSW construction and maintenance activities comply with contractual and legislative requirements.

The Environmental Inspection Guidance Note outlines the purpose of the Environmental Inspection Report and provides guidance on completing its various components. Please contact us for further information.

Environmental incident classification and reporting procedure

The Environmental Incident Classification and Reporting Procedure aims to ensure Transport for NSW workers and contractors understand how to classify, respond to and report environmental incidents that occur as a result of Transport for NSW managed activities.

View or download the:

Contacts and further information

For road maintenance and other general environment enquires contact the relevant regional Environment Manager:

  • Hunter region: Renae Martin - (02) 4924 0440
  • Northern region: Greg Collins - (02) 6640 1072
  • Southern region: Graham Roche - (02) 6492 9515
  • South West region: Daniel Francis - (02) 6923 3419
  • Sydney region: Tracey Austin - (02) 8849 2983
  • Western region: Neil Glastonbury - (02) 6861 1628.

For major project environment enquiries, contact the relevant Environment Manager below:

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