Reducing diesel emissions

Roads and Maritime Services is a leading participant in the Diesel National Environment Protection Measure (NEPM) that seeks to reduce the impact of emissions from diesel vehicles in Australia by facilitating new vehicle emission standards, better fuel quality, travel demand management and new diesel vehicle emissions technologies.

Diesel vehicles produce up to 80 per cent of 'total suspended particulates' emissions from motor vehicles in Sydney, even though they account for only 15 per cent of vehicle kilometres travelled.

Since the introduction of the Diesel NEPM in June 2001 by the National Environment Protection Council (NEPC), national guidelines have been developed for:

  • Emissions test and repair programs
  • Clean Fleet - an audited maintenance program for diesel vehicles

For further information about the Diesel NEPM see the National Environment Protection Council (NEPC) website.

What can I do to help reduce diesel emissions?

Buy a fuel efficient truck

To make buying a small or medium sized truck or commercial vehicle less complicated, the Truck Buyers Guide has been developed. This guide helps you to consider the things you should look for when choosing a truck to suit your needs and provide the best fuel economy. See Cleaner vehicle guides and initiatives for more information.

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