Selected Transport for NSW forms. These forms are print only.

Heavy vehicle operator forms

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Application for Accreditation as an Escort Vehicle Service Provider 274Kb
Application for Authorisation of Escort Vehicle Drivers 355Kb
Application for Class 1 Mobile Crane Journey Permit - Guidelines 583Kb
Class 1 Load Carrying Vehicle Permit Application and Guidelines 583Kb
Class 1 Special Purpose Vehicle or Agricultural Vehicle Permit Application and Guidelines 0
Description of Heavy Vehicle / Trailer form 1.64Mb
Driver Consent Form Driver Licence and Demerit Point Check Heavy Vehicle Operator Safety Information Program (HVOSIP) 720Kb
Drought Relief Declaration 308Kb
Heavy Vehicle Camera (HVC) Image Request Form - HVC Detected Offence (non speed) 246Kb
HVCBA - FCA/CT Route Template 834Kb
HVCBA - Self-disclosure of non-compliance with in-cabin camera requirements 540Kb
Heavy Vehicle Compliance Certificate - Bus 409Kb
Heavy Vehicle Compliance Certificate - Prime Mover 405Kb
Heavy Vehicle Compliance Certificate - Trailer 361Kb
Heavy Vehicle Compliance Certificate - Truck 406Kb
IAP - Application Details Form for IAP Mobile Cranes ( Intelligent Access Program) 1.42Mb
IAP - Cancellation Request 241Kb
IAP - Intelligent Access Program Enrolment Form 421Kb
IAP - Intelligent Access Program Terms and Conditions 64.8Kb
IAP - Intelligent Access Program - Malfunction / Tamper Record 418Kb
IAP - Intelligent Access Program - B-Triple / AB-Triple Certification Form 847Kb
Load Declaration Oversize and/or Overmass (OSOM) 257Kb
Mobile Crane Application - Special Purpose Vehicle Crane Certification Program – New Mobile Cranes 233Kb
New Heavy Vehicle Certification - Trailers over 4.5 tonnes ATM 475Kb
Notification of Use of Livestock Carriers Exemption 265Kb
NSWLLS - Application for Enrolment - NSW Livestock Loading Scheme 413Kb
NSWLLS - Approved Trainer Application Form - NSW Livestock Loading Scheme 287Kb
NSWLLS - Details Amendment Form - NSW Livestock Loading Scheme 1.11Mb
NSWLLS - Driver Training Course Application Form - NSW Livestock Loading Scheme 857Kb
Organisation Application for Authorisation to use the Multiple Driver Licence and Demerit Point Enquiry 333Kb
Safety Productivity & Environment Construction Transport Scheme (SPECTS) Application Form 385Kb
SPU - Transport Management Plan Coversheet OSOM 378Kb
Vehicle or Trailer Nomination Form - Online Permits 291Kb

Maritime forms

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File Title Size
Advice for Mooring Licence Applicants 78.9Kb
Application to Change a Vessel on Mooring 274Kb
Application for Boat Licence Training Provider For General Boat and Personal Watercraft Driving Licences 303Kb
Application for a Club Mooring Licence 265Kb
Application for Commuter Wharf Permit/Voucher 992Kb
Application for an Initial or Transfer of a Commercial Mooring Licence 271Kb
Application for NSW Coastal Bar Crossing Licence 342Kb
Application for Nominated Representative - Boat Driving Licence Training Provider 888Kb
Application for NSW Coastal Bar Crossing Licence - Statutory Declarations - Applicant and Witness 42.8Kb
Application for a Personal Watercraft (PWC) Photo Licence 105Kb
Application for a Private Mooring Licence 0
Application for Relocation of Private Mooring Within the Same Mooring Area Code 277Kb
Application for Replacement Products 356Kb
Application for Transfer of a Private Mooring Licence 287Kb
Application for Transfer of Vessel Registration 206Kb
Application for Vessel Registration 250Kb
Application to become an authorised dealer - Maritime Dealer Vessel Registration Scheme (MDVRS) 268Kb
Application to Personalise an Existing Vessel Registration 1.41Mb
Authorised Services Officers Authorisation Form - Maritime Dealer Vessel Registration Scheme (MDVRS) 89.8Kb
Bulk Booking Application Form 893Kb
Change of Records - Maritime Products Only 905Kb
Charter Wharf Booking System Application Form 874Kb
Credit Card Authority 242Kb
Consignment Notice for the Sale of a Vessel 831Kb
Fee Waiver Form - Maritime Products and Services 279Kb
Priority Wait List Cancellation Request 855Kb
Private Mooring Licence Cancellation Request 849Kb
Relocation of Private Mooring Within the Same Mooring Area 277Kb
Request for Information by Solicitor - Vessel accidents/incidents 311Kb
Request for Refund (Maritime) 899Kb
Sailing Event Notification Form 1.46Mb
Statutory Declaration - Vessel Registrations 223Kb
Vessel Incident Report 1.04Mb

Motor dealer forms

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File Title Size
Application for Transfer/Refund of NSW Registrations for Motor Dealers 305Kb
Bulk Notice of Disposal for Dealers and Auction Houses 306Kb
Dealer Plater Schedule 252Kb
Dealer Services Officer - Authorisation Form (Form 1388) 267Kb
Dealer Transaction Coversheet (Form 1544) 253Kb
(DVRS) Light Vehicle Pre-Delivery Checklist (Form 1503) 258Kb
(DVRS) Motorcycle Pre-Delivery Checklist (Form 1504) 255Kb
(DVRS) Light Trailer and Caravan Pre-Delivery Checklist (Form 1505) 260Kb
DVRS Application - Dealer vehicle Registration Scheme 258Kb
DVRS Audit Guidelines 387Kb
DVRS Variation to Agreement 258Kb
DVRS Dealer Agreement Failure to Comply 254Kb
DVRS Dealer Agreement Termination 256Kb
DVRS Dealer Errors - Action Plan Process 254Kb
Trader's Plate Application 306Kb
Trader's Plate Conditions of Use 311Kb
Trader's Plate Record of Use 319Kb
Dealer Online (DOL) Dealer Authorisation 259Kb
Dealer Online (DOL) Request for Password Reset/Extend/Expire User 262Kb
Dealer Online (DOL) User Authorisation 262Kb
Dealer Online (DOL) Update Access to Include Register Vehicle with e-AUVIS Inspection 264Kb
Dealer Online (DOL) - VIN Access Log 242Kb
Dealer Online (DOL) - Update Access to Include Register Vehicle With eAUVIS Inspection 261Kb
Dealer Online (DOL) Add/Change Security Administrator 264Kb
Dealer Number Plate System - Dealer Authorisation 265Kb
Dealer Number Plate System - User Authorisation 271Kb
Dealer Number Plate System - Add/Change Security Administrator 253Kb
Dealer Number plate System - Request for Password reset/extend/expire user form 252Kb

Vehicle registration forms

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File Title Size
Application for an Approved Organisation Classic Vehicle Scheme 265Kb
Application for Conditional Registration 374Kb
Application for a Historic Vehicle Club 93.2Kb
Application for Registration 203Kb
Application for Transfer of Registration 349Kb
Application for Unregistered Vehicle Permit 291Kb
Apprentice Registration Rebate Claim 384Kb
Carers registration Concession Declaration 250Kb
Classic Vehicle Declaration 298Kb
Credit Card Authorisation - pay your registration by mail and save time 481Kb
Customer Declaration - Personal Use Exemptions 94.3Kb
Dealing Restriction Application 267Kb
Declaration of Eligibility for a Registration Concession 305Kb
Defect Notice Declaration 269Kb
Exchange / Transfer Number Plates 116Kb
Historic Vehicle Declaration 292Kb
Notice of Disposal (of Vehicle) 310Kb
Number Plates and/or Cancellation of Registration 432Kb
Proof of registration entitlement for homemade trailers 244Kb
Rally Vehicle - Application for an Approved Organisation 256Kb
Rally Vehicle - Certificate of Approved Operations 242Kb
Rally Vehicle Declaration 253Kb
Request for Refund of NSW Registration – NSW plates surrendered in another State 275Kb
Street Rod Declaration 250Kb
Transfer Right to Display Custom or Numeral-only Plates 297Kb
Vehicle Suitable for Safe Use Declaration 356Kb
Written-off Light Vehicle Notification 2.6Mb
Written-off Vehicle Advice Identification Amendment 2.9Mb
Written-off Vehicle Advice Identification Discrepancy 843Kb
Written-off Light Vehicle Application to repair a written-off light vehicle 113Kb
Written-off Light Vehicle Booking request for a Written-off Light Vehicle 254Kb
Written off Vehicle Register - Internet Access 260Kb
Written off Vehicle - Business to Business – User Account Request 258Kb
Written off Heavy Vehicle Register Advice Identification Amendment 2.7Mb
Written off Heavy Vehicle Register Notification 540Kb
Written off Heavy Vehicle Register Advice Identification Discrepancy 91.99Kb


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