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  • At Roads and Maritime Services, our work requires skills and know-how in many areas. We offer rewarding and interesting career opportunities for professionals in:

    • Managers
    • Professionals and technical staff
    • Technicians and trades
    • Public policy, marketing and communications
    • Human resources, information technology, law, accounting and financial skills
    • Customer service
    • Office support and administration
    • Engineering
    • Road maintenance and construction
    • School crossing supervisors

    Through Transport for NSW, Roads and Maritime's comprehensive Talent Programs lead the way in training and development.

    We offer recent graduates, vocational education and training students and university students the opportunity to be part of Transport for NSW's extensive Talent Programs. These provide Graduate, Cadet and Scholar positions across a range of different disciplines, from engineering to business. Find out more by visiting the Transport for NSW website.

    Roads and Maritime also offer part-time and casual positions for School Crossing Supervisors in a variety of locations across the State.

    View our current employment opportunities.

  • For permanent jobs with Roads and Maritime, you need to be an Australian citizen or permanent resident.

    For most temporary jobs, you only need a visa that gives you permission to work in Australia.

  • In your application, use separate headings for each of the selection criteria. You must provide examples of how you meet the criteria in relation to the key accountabilities and capabilities at the level identified.

    The capability level descriptors are an indication of the skills, knowledge and behaviours required for the position. You do not need to address every individual aspect of the capability level definition. Simply use the level definition as a guide to assist you in identifying what examples to provide.

    Ensure you address all aspects of the selection criteria: technical capabilities, non-technical capabilities and, if required, prerequisites.

    Refer to how to apply for more information.

  • Once you have lodged your application with Roads and Maritime the selection panel will assess all applications for the position. They will do this by considering how well you meet the selection criteria.

    Applicants who best meet the selection criteria will be called for further assessment. The nature of the assessment will vary between position types and if you have progressed you will be informed of the type of assessment you will be undergoing in advance (eg interview).

  • You will be asked to provide the name and contact details of two referees.

    The people you nominate should be able to comment on your recent work performance. Personal referees are not usually required. Your referees are only likely to be contacted if you are one of the best applicants interviewed for the job.

    A good referee would be your current or very recent manager. If you are uncomfortable with your current manager knowing you have applied for another job, a colleague would be a suitable substitute if they have a good understanding of your skills at work.

  • For some positions Roads and Maritime requires that you undergo a criminal record check.

    Having a criminal record will not necessarily disqualify you from selection. You will be given a chance to discuss the matter before any final decision is made.

    Anyone who will be working in child-related employment will have to undergo a Working with Children Check.

  • If you are not successful in your application for the job you will be notified by mail.

    Remember that missing out on a job is not a reflection of you personally. Some jobs are quite competitive and it may mean that you were not, at the time, considered the person with the greatest merit for the job.

    You can contact the convenor if you would like feedback on how you performed in the selection process. This is part of the convenor's role and they will also be able to give you feedback on the strengths and weaknesses of your application.

  • Roads and Maritime is an equal employment opportunity employer so your application will be considered alongside all candidates.

    Disability will not be a factor in selection unless your disability means you are unable to perform the inherent requirements of the position. Roads and Maritime is willing to make work related adjustments for staff and encourages people with disabilities to apply for work with the agency.

    Attracting people with disabilities is an important part of Roads and Maritime Services' employment strategy. We encourage any person with a disability to apply for positions for which they are qualified. Disclosure is treated with sensitivity.

    Our processes and policies ensure that all applicants are treated equitably through each stage of recruitment and employment, and are provided with the resourcing they need to work effectively and develop their careers once employed.

    Roads and Maritime is a member of Australian Employers Network on Disability, which helps facilitate required adjustments to workplaces, ensure we are supporting our staff with disabilities equitably, and is helping to build our capabilities and skills in disability confidence.

    Find out more about diversity and inclusion at Roads and Maritime.

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