Driver Licence Check

Unless authorised by law, Roads and Maritime Services will not release a driver's or rider's licensing personal information to a third party organisation without the permission of that driver or rider.

Roads and Maritime provides an online Driver Licence Check (DLC) service to authorised organisations, such as heavy vehicle operators to assist them to fulfil their duty of care responsibilities concerning road safety as well as to encourage the promotion of good driving practices. DLC is supported by the Road Transport (Driver Licensing) Regulation 2017.

DLC is an internet application that can be used for organisations to confirm driver licence and demerit point status of drivers engaged, or intended to be engaged, to drive vehicles for their organisation. Roads and Maritime will not grant access to the DLC service if it is intended to be used for other purposes.

DLC is an online service providing:

  • Licence Validation Enquiry - to confirm if a driver licence is current and the class of licence
  • Demerit Point Enquiry - to confirm if a licence holder has 'zero' or 'one or more' demerit points accumulated. The demerit points balance is not released.

Each enquiry requires the prior express consent of the licence holder who is the subject of the enquiry. The authorised organisation must retain evidence of that consent for audit purposes. An authorised organisation must agree to and comply with the stringent auditing requirements set out in an agreement endorsed by the Privacy Commissioner.

Organisations wanting access to DLC are encouraged to submit an Expression of Interest to Roads and Maritime.

Inappropriate access or use

If you believe your driver licence information has been accessed or used inappropriately, you can lodge a written complaint to:

Information & Privacy Unit
Transport for NSW
PO Box K659 Haymarket NSW 1240
Phone: (02) 8202 3768


Privacy Commissioner
GPO Box 7011, Sydney NSW 2001
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